“Corinne has the most amazing artwork I have seen that is full of colour and life and her shoe designs are wonderful!”

– Tracy Higgo

“My name is Barbara and I came to Bethel Redding School of Supernatural Ministry in 2019 to experience the presence of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a greater way. One session on the platform there was an artist painting what I saw as the Revelation Horse of power, and the glory that spoke to my heart encouraging and strengthening my faith and heart of the victory of Christ His kingdom and church in the days to come. This is what I wanted to fill my home and encourage family and friends. It still does in 2022. Thank you, Corinne Smit. Blessings”

– Barbara GROCECLOSE, California, usa

“My wife and I had wanted a Lion painting for some time, and we both knew instantly that this was it! As we began a conversation with Corinne to acquire the painting, she shared about the Holy Spirit’s input and the significance of what the colors meant. We were amazed at how her painting was as deliberate as it was spontaneous and really moved by Corinne’s obedience to the Lord. The blue fire represented the most intense purifying fire and the gold represented royalty.”

– Desmond and Elaine NG, Singapore

“When we showed the painting to our 6-year-old daughter, she exclaimed, that’s the Lion that she saw in her dream when she visited Jesus’ house in Heaven! Even when we were discussing the price, the figure that we had prayed for was the same that Corinne felt that she needed to sell it for. What’s remarkable about Corinne’s art, is not just the artistic excellence that she presents, but also the Spirit-infused creativity that is behind it. It is an art that speaks as much to your heart as much as it speaks to your soul. And it’s an art that ultimately points to a Creator who desires to make Himself known”

– Desmond and Elaine NG, Singapore

“Hulda Heyns Interiors commissioned Corinne to modify existing artworks and modernise it to fit our client’s new interior. Corinne worked in oils and our client was very well pleased with the results. We will definitely commission Corinne again, this time to paint her own paintings for our clients.”

– Hulda Heyns, South Africa