CorinneSmit.Art is the platform of Fine artist and designer Corinne Smit. She graduated from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2003 and has since held several solo and group exhibitions with success. Having featured at the Design Indaba, on Top Billing and various radio talk shows, making newspaper headlines, and being published in magazines, such as O Magazine and Joy magazine in her early days, her art now features internationally in private and public collections. She has worked across various disciplines as an artist and designer including the movie industry, theatre, and events. She started her own small business Corinne Smit Design Studio with the main focus on graphic and product design. From 2019-2020 she attended BSSM in California in the USA and she was asked to paint at Art on Stage during Bethel worship in front of 1300 students. This is where her prophetic painting journey got re-ignited. She regularly paints at Art on Stage at her local church in South Africa during worship. One thing has led to another and CorinneSmit.Art was born. As an entrepreneur who loves to encourage and inspire others, CorinneSmit.Art is the marketplace ministry platform where her love and passions, design and art come together in a variety of products. Her original paintings, prints, and products are available through CorinneSmit.Art. Her art features internationally in the gift market and on various online platforms. Her latest products are her bespoke designer leather women’s shoes featuring her paintings. When you partner with CorinneSmit.Art you are automatically supporting a good cause. 10% of the proceeds go directly in support of Kingdom building initiatives. Her latest commission has supported local church building in Mosambique.